White Fish Quality Improvement Initiative

White Fish Quality Improvement Initiative


The white fish Improvement Initiative is a unique scheme to Shetland.

It has been developed over the last 20 years, with direct input from the Whitefish fleet and other Marketing Organisations.

The main aim is to provide impartial information and advice on the quality of the fish landed by the Shetland Fleet.

SSQC has managed to create a greater awareness of quality issues by undertaking regular daily Inspections on the fish market and providing written quality assessments on landings. 


These include:


  • The monthly production of Quality and Grading Tables.
  • A quarterly report providing details of individual boat performance.
  • An end of the year Comparison Performance Summary with detailed chart and graph information.


The catching sector has responded well to both constructive and critical comments and has used the system as a tool for continual self-improvement.

This work is undertaken by a specialist team of two Inspectors who between them have over 25 years experience  in the assessment and Auditing of Whitefish.

As a result of the information provided, the Shetland Fleet has been able to improve and maintain the quality of its fish and in the process gain worldwide recognition for supplying top quality whitefish.